Skadden Fellows share the impact of the program after 30 years.

The Skadden Fellowship Foundation launched in 1988 to commemorate Skadden's 40th anniversary and has since become the largest public interest law firm in the United States. The program provides two-year Fellowships to recent law graduates to pursue the practice of public interest law on a full-time basis.

Our guiding principle is to improve legal services for the poor and encourage economic independence. To date, the Foundation has funded over 900 fellowships. Ninety percent of former Fellows remain in public service, and almost all of them continue working on the same issues they addressed in their original Fellowship projects. 

The Fellowship Foundation has funded 962 total Fellows. The Fellowship community is currently working in public interest in 42 US states. 90 percent remain in public interest. 24 are nonprofit founders. 59 are executive directors. 115 are professors and lecturers. 159 are government officials. 19 are judges. 

Contact Information

For more information, please contact:

Kathleen Rubenstein / 212.735.3954 / / Executive Director 

Kathy Quijije /212.735.5176 / / Project Coordinator 

Lauren Aguiar / 212.735.2235 / / President, Skadden Foundation