Terri Gerstein Urges State Policymakers to Enact Antitrust Reforms

Terri Gerstein (’95), Director of the New York University Wagner Labor Initiative, coauthored an opinion for The Hill spotlighting state-led efforts in challenging monopolies, as legislators in New York, Pennsylvania, Minnesota and Maine address corporate dominance on wages, working conditions and opportunities for workers (“Power to the People: It’s Time to Take on the Modern Monopoly,” Jun. 8). “Antitrust laws alone won’t solve the problem of degraded working conditions or the disparity of worker power relative to corporate power; the United States urgently needs labor law reform, stronger workplace protections, and adequately funded enforcement. But new antitrust laws effectively implemented could breathe life into state antitrust efforts and put workers at the heart of antitrust law — where they belong. . . . Meanwhile, the public in those states and nationwide should press leaders to take action on vital new antitrust protections that can help increase wages for workers and safeguard our democracy.”