Sabrina Adler Examines Impact of Pandemic Laws Limiting Public Health Authority

Sabrina Adler (’08), Vice President of Law at ChangeLab Solutions, coauthored an article for Health Affairs discussing future ramifications and uncertainty in the wake of pandemic-related laws and judicial decisions restricting the scope of public health powers after 25 states enacted legislation limiting the legal authority of public health officials in response to COVID-19 (“The (Un?)intended Consequences Of COVID-19-Era Judicial Decisions And New Public Health-Related Laws,” May 23). “Act for Public Health will continue to highlight both the consequences of these challenges and opportunities to work toward a more effective post-COVID-19 public health system that serves everyone. Perhaps, what is most needed now is greater clarity around what newly enacted laws and judicial decisions actually require for public health officials to make legally defensible as well as evidence-based decisions to protect the public’s health.”