Jennifer Ching Calls on Asian American Leaders to Show Solidarity with Palestinian People

Jennifer Ching (’00), Executive Director of North Star Fund, coauthored an article for Medium outlining three ways that Asian American leaders can practice the principle of freedom as a collective struggle, including: leading for collective liberation, prioritizing need over affinity, and leveraging proximity to power (“Freedom is a Collective Struggle,” May 22). “As two Asian American leaders who have publicly voiced support for Palestine’s freedom from genocide and occupation — while recommitting our fervent opposition to antisemitism, Islamophobia and anti-Blackness — we are deeply troubled by the silence and/or complicity of Asian American leaders in this moment. . . . Solidarity is never perfect, but as Asian Americans we have an obligation to lead knowing our history, and with a clear eye for our shared futures. . . . Like other periods in our country’s history, this is a time for dialogue and action.”