Shakti Belway Encourages Young Leaders’ Calls for Peace

Shakti Belway (’05), Executive Director at National Center for Youth Law, authored an article for Medium supporting students’ collective action for peace, citing current campus demonstrations as part of a continuing legacy of young people’s exercise of First Amendment rights to inspire change (“Student-Led Protests Are Testament to Health & Strength of Our Democracy,” May 3). “[G]lobal peace must be achieved within our lifetimes. Today’s student protestors — whether you agree with their substantive positions or not — represent another chapter in the long history of youth-led protests. So many young people protesting share a vital vision for peace and human unity. . . . To the young leaders leading today: How you honor the interconnectedness of all of us and resist and stand against hatred in all forms, and how you embrace love, and stand for principles of human rights and human dignity for all will, indeed, inspire and change the future.”