Jonathan Harris Makes the Case for Integrated Work Law

Jonathan Harris (’10), Associate Professor of Law at Loyola Law School, coauthored an article for American Constitution Society’s ACS Blogs Expert Forum on Law and Policy Analysis endorsing integrated work law to protect workers in the “fissured” workplace, highlighting workers’ stacked identities as well as the recently finalized FTC rule banning noncompetes and TRAPs (“An Integrated Work Law,” May 14). “Worker organizing and advocacy in the modern fissured workplace requires innovative approaches blending different legal fields, especially as the lines between work and other areas of life blur. Outside of the United States, a European “social law” has long eschewed the U.S. compartmentalization of legal doctrines, instead recognizing workers with their stacked identities and protecting them accordingly. . . . While workers and their advocates chart new territory, though, they do so as descendants of those who fought for such integrated approaches dating from the New Deal.”