D.C. Hiegert Partners with Local LGBTQ Advocates to Promote Gender-Affirming Federal IDs

D.C. Hiegert (’22), current Fellow with the ACLU of Kansas, authored an article for ACLU News & Commentary spotlighting ACLU efforts to reduce the harms of anti-trans policies in Kansas, including hosting Know Your Rights events and Federal ID Clinics, along with their brief of intervenor challenging Kansas’ move to block gender-affirming state IDs for trans people (“In Kansas, the ACLU Is Challenging Anti-Trans Laws in Court, and by Building Community,” Apr. 25). “The ACLU of Kansas is going to keep fighting in Kansas v. Harperas long as necessary. But we also understand that trans people cannot wait months (or years) for a ruling from the courts affirming their basic constitutional rights. . . . Despite efforts by anti-trans extremists to try to deny our humanity, to isolate us, trans Kansans are not going anywhere. . . . We will continue to define our own lives, support each other, and build power. These laws may have produced a wide unknown but the power of our community is deeply rooted.”