Alexandra Brodsky Secures En Banc Decision Allowing Title IX Claim to Proceed

Alexandra Brodsky (’16), Staff Attorney at Public Justice, was quoted by Courthouse News Service discussing a holding in an en banc rehearing allowing her client Mackenzie Brown’s Title IX claim to move forward, with U.S. Circuit Judge William Fletcher writing “Brown presented sufficient evidence to allow a reasonable factfinder to conclude that a responsible university official exercised sufficient control over the ‘context’ in which Bradford attacked Brown to support liability under Title IX.” The Title IX claim stemmed from an attack on Ms. Brown at an off-campus football team house by a player against whom previous allegations of abuse were reported but ignored (“Ninth Circuit Calls Foul on University of Arizona in Title IX Abuse Suit,” Sep. 25). “Today’s opinion is a victory for Mackenzie and for student survivors across the country,” Alex said in a statement. “As the Ninth Circuit explained today, a school’s power to stop violence — and its responsibility to do so — doesn’t stop at the campus boundary.”