Adam Hines Advocates for Safe, Affordable Housing in Oklahoma

Adam Hines (’23), current Fellow with the ACLU of Oklahoma, contributed a guest opinion to The Oklahoman exposing how Oklahoma law consigns tenants to abide dangerous housing conditions ignored by out-of-state landlords, providing ineffectual recourse and no alternatives for renters confronting the affordable housing crisis (“Legislature Needs To Pass Laws To Protect Renters and Provide Safe, Affordable Housing.” Apr. 22). Endorsing Oklahoma House Bill 2109, which would empower the court to order repairs, Adam recounted the experiences of several low-income tenants in need of protections. “Oklahoma law offered these Oklahomans three options: (1) terminate the lease and leave, (2) pay someone to fix it and deduct it from the rent (but only up to the cost of one month’s rent), or (3) report the conditions to the city as municipal code violations and hope the city forces the landlord to make repairs. Each option is a dead end. . . . [T]hankfully, the Oklahoma Legislature has a chance to change that.”