Shakti Belway Urges Regulations to Protect Children from Emerging AI

Shakti Belway (’05), Executive Director of the National Center for Youth Law, authored an article for Medium spotlighting President Biden’s State of the Union remarks on the effect of artificial intelligence on young people and the importance of centering youth perspective in establishing protections (“The (Future) State of Children in America: Reacting to President Biden’s State of the Union,” Mar. 8). “Technology and artificial intelligence are developing at breakneck speed. So fast that policymakers across the country are struggling to enact the necessary guardrails to protect us from the challenges and risks emerging daily. . . . By working together with those whose lives will be forever intertwined with this technology, we will develop regulatory and legal frameworks that create a safer and more inclusive online environment for our children, protecting and respecting their rights — now and into the future.”