Melissa Friedman and Daniella Rohr Outline Needed Reforms to Child Welfare Investigations in New York City

Melissa Friedman (’14), Director, Child Welfare Training, and Daniella Rohr (’15), Staff Attorney, both with The Legal Aid Society, coauthored an opinion for City Limits supporting the class action complaint against New York City alleging Fourth Amendment Rights violations in child welfare investigations and proposing measures state policymakers must implement to prevent further harm (“The Harmful Impact of Invasive Child Welfare Investigations,” Mar. 18). “These rates of over-investigation are state-sanctioned family policing. Even where investigations are warranted and allegations are substantiated, the investigative process is often coercive and traumatic, indelibly harming the children the investigations intend to protect. . . . We hope that the NYC Family Policy Project’s report and the Gould litigation compel New York to re-examine the family regulation system, overhaul the investigative apparatus, and put the wellbeing of children and families first.”