Eve Stotland Challenges Coercive Investigations by Child Welfare Agency

Eve Stotland (’99), Senior Program Officer at The New York Community Trust, contributed an op-ed to amNY discussing her organization’s funding of a federal class-action lawsuit brought by the Family Justice Law Center seeking protections and financial remedies for New Yorkers impacted by unconstitutional searches in the context of child welfare investigations (“NYC Can Protect Children without Devastating Families,” Mar. 13). “We believe that ACS [New York City’s Administration for Children’s Services] can fulfill its mission to protect children from maltreatment without violating parents’ rights. The remedy is clear: ACS should comply with existing laws by obtaining a judicial warrant or consent that is not coerced to search parents’ homes, except in the rare instances where ACS has sufficient evidence that children are being harmed and that there is no time to request a warrant.”