Cassie Chambers Armstrong Advances Legislation in the Kentucky State Senate

Cassie Chambers Armstrong (’16), Kentucky State Senator, was quoted in two Kentucky Lantern articles discussing her sponsorship of recent legislation. After winning a special election last year, Cassie celebrated the passing of her first bill, signed by Governor Andy Beshear on April 5. Clarifying the remote work requirement eligibility for stipends for foster parents, the new law creates a “small but needed change that will make it easier for more people to become foster parents,” Cassie said. (“Senate Approves Making It Easier for Foster Parents To Qualify for Child Care Assistance,” Mar. 8). Following February’s Alabama Supreme Court ruling pertaining to embryos, Cassie filed Kentucky Senate Bill 301 “to state that there shall be no criminal liability against a provider engaged in assisted reproduction who meets the professional standard of care.” Cassie stated, “This bill has a clear objective: to protect IVF providers, enabling them to continue their vital work. Kentuckians pursuing IVF treatments should not fear the abrupt cessation of these services. Every individual aspiring to start a family deserves the opportunity to do so.” (“Louisville Democrat Files Bill to Protect Assisted Reproduction, IVF in Kentucky,” Feb. 27).