Michelle Kuo Reflects on Success of Taiwan’s Democratic Process in Recent Presidential Election

Michelle Kuo (’09), Visiting Professor at National Taiwan University, contributed an opinion to The Guardian discussing Taiwan’s re-election of the Democratic Progressive party (DPP) as a mark of intergenerational support for the democratic process despite political divide along generational lines, and steps the party may take to address concerns of young voters (“Taiwan’s Election Result Is a Triumph for Democracy – and a Thorn in Beijing’s Side,” Jan. 14). “There are reservations about the victorious DPP, but the result – and the peaceful nature of the elections – is a sign of hope in a world gone mad. . . . [T]oday, the DPP, which originated as a social movement against martial law (the movement’s name, dangwai, literally translates to ‘outside the party’), is now entering its third consecutive term. It is an establishment party with a radical history. . . . [I]t must craft an agenda that appears fresh and meaningful, while continuing to battle China’s cognitive and economic warfare.”