Joelle Emerson Urges Renewed Commitment to DEI Principles amid Anti-DEI Backlash

Joelle Emerson (’13), Founder and CEO of Paradigm, contributed a commentary to Fortune offering insights on overcoming anti-DEI activism, including: reaffirming the principles of diversity, equity, and inclusion, being precise about the gaps DEI work is seeking to close, and communicating the benefit of participating in diverse communities (“The Anti-DEI Movement Has Gone from Fringe to Mainstream. Here’s What That Means for Corporate America,” Jan. 4). “While it’s not surprising to see the pendulum swing back on DEI after two years of intense focus (throughout history, progress on the part of marginalized groups has often been met with backlash), it’s on all of us to decide how far it swings. The more that we can unite behind shared beliefs, the greater chances we’ll have in fighting back against a coordinated campaign that seeks to divide our nation and erase the civil rights progress we’ve made over the last two generations.”