Carolyn Shapiro Celebrates $750,000 Civics Education Grant

Carolyn Shapiro (’97), Professor of Law and Co-Director of the Institute on the Supreme Court of the United States at Chicago-Kent College of Law, was quoted in Chicago-Kent College of Law’s News discussing the school’s recent grant for hands-on civics education focused on the Constitution, law, and policy for middle school and high school students and their teachers (“Bringing the Constitution to High School: Chicago-Kent Program Awarded $750,000 Grant,” Nov. 10). Serving as Faculty Director for the Constitutional Democracy Project (CDP), Carolyn discussed the program’s goals.It’s not just a question of underrepresented communities, although that is obviously a top priority, but it’s also our hope that we’ll bring together students who might not encounter people like each other otherwise,” she said. “I hope they take from it the desire and ability to be very engaged, active participants in our democracy by teaching them how different parts of it work and showing them how much it matters, and giving them the tools to move the needle in the direction they’d like to see it go.” She concluded, “The single most important thing that I hope students get from our programming is the ability to discuss and debate difficult, challenging, controversial issues with people they disagree with. We all live in the same country.”