Lindsay Nash and Students Secure Deportation Reversal for Brooklyn Resident

Lindsay Nash (’14), Clinical Associate Professor and Co-Director of the Immigration Justice Clinic at the Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law, was quoted by Gothamist discussing her students’ work in obtaining multiple legal victories securing a deportation reversal for a Brooklyn man born in Guyana (“Deported 20 Years Ago, Brooklyn Man’s Extraordinary Fight to Return Reaches an End,” May 1). Pointing to discriminatory treatment by the criminal legal system and unconstitutional deportations impacting immigrants, Lindsay noted, “You need something like regulations and hard policies and rules to provide a better system for situations like this. We’ve long known that this kind of thing can occur. . . . If things had been a little bit different, if [presidential] administrations had been a little bit different, Mr. Charles would not be back in the country today. And that would be a pretty serious miscarriage of justice.”