Amy Laura Cahn Supports Community-Driven Solutions Towards a Just Transition

Amy Laura Cahn (’11), Legal Director of Taproot Earth, contributed an opinion to Law360 discussing how lawyers can support front-line communities impacted by the climate crisis in building transformative systems towards a just economy and democracy (“It’s Time for Lawyers to Stand Up for Climate Justice,” Apr. 20). “Just transition lawyering calls us to listen to the expertise of communities and movements marginalized from decisions that have shaped their health, welfare and well-being over generations. And it calls us as lawyers to abandon our silos for a more holistic approach — intentionally cultivating cooperation, coordination and relationships across geographies, practice areas and strategies. . . . It’s meaningful work — and it’s probably coming to a community near you. In this all-hands-on-deck moment, the planet needs lawyers to fight on the front lines and advance a world where everyone thrives.”