Udi Ofer Presents Three Proposals for Preventing Police Violence

Udi Ofer (’01), Founding Director of the Policy Advocacy Clinic at Princeton University’s School of Public and International Affairs, contributed an opinion to The Hill outlining three steps policymakers should take to prevent police violence, including disbanding specialized policing units, severing the reliance on police for low-level offenses, and strengthening our systems of accountability (“3 Proposals to Prevent Police Violence and Build Accountability,” Feb. 9). “In the past two decades, I’ve seen nowhere near enough change to overcome the magnitude of the problem. . . . It’s time to go beyond the reforms of recent years, and finally take more appropriate steps to prevent future police killings like the ones of [Tyre] Nichols and [Amadou] Diallo.” Calling to mind Kadiatou Diallo, Amadou’s mother and “a force for change in New York City,” Udi reflected, “Unfortunately, she is part of a long line of mothers and fathers who have lost their children to police violence. Let’s finally take the steps needed to end the violence.”