Judith Browne Dianis Calls on Biden to Invest in People, Not Police

Judith Browne Dianis (’92), Executive Director of Advancement Project, contributed an opinion to TheGrio proposing concrete steps towards creating safe communities, including removing police from traffic enforcement, ending qualified immunity, and investing in community-centered interventions (“At the State of the Union, President Biden Must Do More Than Push Policies That Allow Police to Keep Harming Black People,” Feb. 2). “There is no reforming the police. . . . [T]he president should call on Congress to pass legislation that focuses on investing in communities to meet the needs of people, including things like community-based violence intervention programs, mental health support and housing. . . . It is no longer enough to offer condolences while pushing policies that allow police officers to keep harming Black people. . . . Our communities deserve a path forward where everyone can be truly free and safe.”