Jessica Shoemaker Examines How Property Law Perpetuates Racial Disparities in Rural Communities

Jessica Shoemaker (’05), Professor of Law at the University of Nebraska College of Law, coauthored an article for the Law and Political Economy Project’s Symposium on the LPE of Rural America. examining how regions of racialized rural poverty were actively shaped by discriminatory property regimes that contribute to ongoing inequities in rural land ownership (Rural and Racialized: How Property Law Perpetuates Racial Disparities,” March 14). “[R]ural America remains far more diverse than popular imagination would suggest, and it is only becoming more diverse. Thus, it is critical to understand not only how property law has historically constructed these patterns of racial difference but also the role that property law now plays in actively maintaining these racialized rural landscapes. . . . [R]ural lives and livelihoods are important, as are the combined challenges of racial, social, and climate justice across rural landscapes.”