Carly Hite Endorses New York’s Solutions Not Suspensions Act

Carly Hite (’20), Staff Attorney at Children’s Rights, coauthored an article for The Buffalo News spotlighting a crisis of out-of-school suspensions in the Buffalo Public School District (BPS) and calling for restorative approaches to discipline to stop the cycle of disruption and learning loss (“Buffalo Board of Education Has Not Done Nearly Enough,” Feb. 17). Carly urged the Buffalo Board of Education to publicly endorse and immediately adopt provisions of proposed New York legislation banning suspensions of Pre-K – 3rd grade students and capping suspensions at 20 days. “Without decisive action, the harms from overuse of suspensions will continue falling disproportionately on Black and low-income students, those with disabilities, and English language learners. . . . Students are asking for safe and supportive schools. It’s long past time for the BPS to listen.”