Gregory Chen Outlines Three Priorities to Focus on the Border

Gregory Chen (’98), Senior Director of Government Relations at American Immigration Lawyers Association, contributed an opinion to commending successful collaboration among federal agencies, county administration and local organizations assisting migrants, and calling out Congress’ failure to fund immigration agencies to meet the need (“If Pima County Can Effectively Handle a Migrant Surge, Why Is It So Hard for Congress?” Nov. 3). “As Congress negotiates this next spending bill, it must move away from the brinksmanship and, instead, fund the government with the right tools: first, to process people arriving at the border quickly; second, to review their legal cases efficiently and thoroughly to ensure that those who qualify receive protection; and finally, to enforce the law against those who are not legally entitled to stay. If Pima County can figure out the multifaceted Rubik’s Cube of migration, so can leaders in Washington.”