Damon Hewitt Evaluates Biden’s Executive Order on Artificial Intelligence

Damon Hewitt (’01), President and Executive Director of Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights Under Law, was quoted in the Los Angeles Sentinel discussing President Biden’s recent executive order on artificial intelligence, calling for further protections against bias, discrimination and harmful uses by law enforcement (“Biden Applauded for Prioritizing Civil Rights Amidst Growing Artificial Intelligence Technology – But Did He Go Far Enough?” Nov. 2). “We believe in the potential for AI to be a powerful tool to help advance our vision of opportunity and prosperity for Black and Brown people. But we cannot let the tools of the future reinforce the mistakes of the past. Guardrails must be implemented now to ensure that this emerging technology centers equity at every step of development and implementation.” Calling the executive order “a critical step to help guard against algorithmic bias and discrimination” and “the beginning of a pathway to a future where AI empowers instead of oppresses,” Damon stated: “To make that future a reality, civil rights-focused protections must apply to every aspect of our lives touched by AI technology, including the harmful use of AI by law enforcement. We look forward to working with the Biden Administration on how we can address the full scope of this challenge and fully leverage the opportunity before us.”