Rebecca Vallas Promotes Legislation Updating SSI Asset Limits

Rebecca Vallas (’09), Senior Fellow at The Century Foundation, was featured in conversation with Spotlight on Poverty and Opportunity discussing bipartisan legislation to increase long-outdated asset limits for Supplemental Security Income (SSI) recipients (“New Bipartisan Bill Would Update Outdated SSI Income Limits,” Sep. 13). “While updating SSI’s asset caps was already long overdue well before recent trends in inflation, these reforms are even more urgently needed now as inflation continues to rise, squeezing low-income individuals and families the hardest. Meanwhile, adding even further urgency to this common-sense reform, the COVID-19 pandemic spurred the largest influx of new entrants to the disability community in modern history due to millions with long COVID, many of whom will need to turn to SSI to stay afloat. Critically, policymakers shouldn’t stop at updating SSI’s asset limits.”