Jonathan Harris Examines Roots of Striketober and the Rise in Labor Activism

Jonathan Harris (’10), Associate Professor of Law at Loyola Law School, authored an op-ed originally appearing in the Los Angeles Daily Journal and published on Loyola Law School’s Newsroom pointing to the increased cost of living, record corporate profits, and greater bargaining power amid a tight labor market among factors contributing to broader solidarity and labor strikes (“The Militant Labor Roots of This Striketober,” Oct. 9). Citing Striketober as a product of the pandemic, Jonathan stated, “It’s not the most militant labor activism in our nation’s history – workers in the 1930s took over factories and died in battles with private security hired by employers. But it’s the most activity I’ve seen in my lifetime and signals a resurgence of a labor movement, especially among younger workers. . . . [T]his year is remarkable because of the number and varied types of workers who are in solidarity with each other and inspire each other.”