Naomi Shatz Urges Passage of the SAFER Act

Naomi Shatz (’08), Partner at Zalkind Duncan & Bernstein LLP, authored an article for the Boston Lawyer Blog examining how the Supreme Court has limited the application of civil rights statutes in the educational setting and supporting the SAFER Act to correct the imbalance between how students and employees are protected under the law and require schools to address bias-based harassment (“New SAFER Act Seeks to Fix Decades of SCOTUS Narrowing of Students’ Civil Rights,” Dec. 13). “The SAFER Act is a much-needed fix to address decades of court decisions narrowing students’ rights and their ability to redress violations of those rights in court. The Act would bring the affected civil rights laws more in line with the protections provided to employees under Title VII. As the bill notes in its findings, under the current state of the law ‘schools may do less to address harassment against their students than to address the same harassment of their employees. This means that students, who are often children and young adults, must suffer worse harassment than adult employees before they are entitled to a remedy in court.’”