Kara Ingelhart Endorses Illinois Law Protecting Access to Abortion

Kara Ingelhart (’15), Senior Attorney at Lambda Legal, was quoted by Chicago’s WTTW News discussing newly-signed law that protects out-of-state residents seeking abortion care in Illinois and requires local government employers to offer insurance plans that cover birth control, abortion, the PEP/PrEP HIV-prevention drugs and gender-affirming care (“Pritzker Signs Law Expanding Access to Abortion, Protecting Out-of-State Patients,” Jan. 13). Citing Arkansas and Alabama as among states with “ugly laws” that “have threatened to reach across state borders and impact Illinois families and health care providers,” Kara named Illinois a “safe haven.” Kara noted an “intrinsic and inseverable link between reproductive freedom and LBGTQ+ rights. Neither can be adequately defended or progressed without the other.”