D.C. Hiegert Issues Call to Action against Anti-LGBTQ+ Discrimination

Current Fellow D.C. Hiegert (’22) contributed an opinion to Kansas Reflector discussing their fellowship work with the ACLU of Kansas expanding LGBTQ+ legal protections, including launching an LGBTQ+ Advocacy Resource Hub, amidst increasing violence and legislative attacks against the LGBTQ+ community (“Anti-LGBTQ+ Rhetoric and Laws Harm Your Kansas Neighbors. We Can Build a More Welcoming State.” Jan. 24). “I believe we can make Kansas a welcoming and accepting state where LGBTQ+ people can live authentically and thrive. But LGBTQ+ Kansans cannot do it alone. We need you in our corner, taking part in the fight. We need people power, political engagement, and communities committed to acting with love. If you are ready to get involved, you can sign up to become an ACLU of Kansas activist and join the fight for LGBTQ+ Kansans’ civil rights here.”