Udi Ofer Examines Challenge to Anti-Fusion Voting Laws in New Jersey

Udi Ofer (’01), Founding Director of the Policy Advocacy Clinic at Princeton University’s School of Public and International Affairs, contributed a commentary to New Jersey Law Journal published on ALM’s law.com discussing an unlikely coalition challenging New Jersey’s laws that prevent political parties from cross-nominating candidates on the ballot, as the New Jersey Supreme Court may consider whether “anti-fusion voting” violates the state constitution (“‘Anti-Fusion Voting’ Laws and the Problem With a Two-Party System,” Jul. 17). “Our legal tradition is premised upon equal opportunity for political participation, respect for groups of like-minded citizens working together to advance their shared goals, and a conviction that the government has no business telling us what to believe or whom to support. These foundational principles are under strain today, as many in the New Jersey electorate want more meaningful choices at the ballot but the anti-fusion laws force them to support the two major parties or throw away their vote on a third-party protest candidate. Together, these amici provide a solid foundation for the New Jersey Supreme Court to consider the constitutionality of these restrictions.”