Shira Wakschlag Examines Consequential SCOTUS Cases through a Disability Lens

Shira Wakschlag (’10), Senior Director of Legal Advocacy and General Counsel at The Arc, authored an article for American Constitution Society’s ACS Blogs Expert Forum on Law and Policy Analysis pointing to her recent coauthored article in the American University Law Review highlighting the role of disability cases in the retrenchment of civil rights, the effects that certain “non-disability” cases may have on people with disabilities, and the difficulties facing advocates when disability law cases reach the Supreme Court (“The Disability Docket: What’s at Stake at the U.S. Supreme Court for People with Disabilities?” July 26). “[T]his ‘disability docket’ matters for disabled people seeking access, inclusion, and remedies for harm, but it also has wider implications and shows how central the concept of disability is to the current legal landscape. . . . As we celebrate the ADA’s 33rd anniversary, it is a good opportunity to apply this ‘disability lens’—a dimension of legal analysis that is too often marginalized or omitted—to the Court’s recent jurisprudence.”