Ramis Wadood Encourages Schools and Municipalities to Show Support for Pride

Ramis Wadood (’21), current Fellow with the ACLU of Michigan, coauthored a letter to the editor of the Detroit Free Press, calling on public officials to endorse displays of support for the LGBTQ+ community amid a record increase in anti-LGBTQ legislation, with the ACLU tracking nearly 500 bills nationwide (“Don’t Hide Behind Constitution on Pride Flag Bans,” Aug. 6).[D]o we really want our local governments and school districts to remain ‘neutral’ in ensuring LGBTQ+ people are accorded the same fairness and dignity as others? We must not allow a vocal few to dominate the conversation and drive anti-LGBTQ+ policies in our communities. Together, we must speak out and demand that public officials take actions to support LGBTQ+ people. The time to do that is now.”