Shirley Lin Disputes Justices’ Claims Regarding Asian American Stance on Affirmative Action

Shirley Lin (’11), assistant professor of law at Brooklyn Law School, co-authored an opinion for the online legal news service Jurist explaining how, to justify their anti-affirmative action position, certain members of the Supreme Court erroneously claimed that Asian Americans are harmed by universities’ consideration of race in their admissions deliberations (“Affirmative Action and the Supreme Court’s Alternate Racial Universe,” June 26). “[The] Court took up these cases … just as K-12 school curricula face an unprecedented wave of ideologically extreme attacks against all discussion of when and where race produces inequalities. Racially misunderstood, and targeted for manipulation throughout U.S. history, the justices’ remarks illustrate precisely why, for nearly a decade, almost 70% of Asian American voters have supported affirmative action. A racially diverse student body enriches an educational environment for everyone — including Asian Americans — and brings society closer to the day when each of us can simply, finally be seen for who we are.”