Judith Browne Dianis Warns Activists Must Be Vigilant After Shelby Decision

Judith Browne Dianis (’92), executive director of The Advancement Project, was quoted in The Guardian about the 5-4 Supreme Court ruling in Shelby County v. Holder and its weakening of the Voter Rights Act (“Ten Years of a Crippled Voting Rights Act: How States Make It Harder To Vote,” June 25). According to the publication, the ruling puts activists at a severe informational and legal disadvantage by forcing them to rapidly keep track of changes and select where to bring costly and time-consuming legal challenges. “For the groups that are on the ground, they have to be vigilant and they have to be the watchdog in ways that they may not have had to prior to the Shelby decision,” Judith said. “They have to be the warning signal to litigators.” The article also mentioned Nina Perales’ (’90) redistricting background and work.