Joelle Emerson Examines Effect of Supreme Court’s Affirmative Action Ruling on DEI Efforts

Joelle Emerson (’13), founder and CEO of Paradigm, authored an article for the magazine discussing how the Supreme Court’s recent ruling on affirmative action may affect the DEI efforts of businesses across industries (“Banning Affirmative Action Won’t Stop DEI, But It’ll Make it Harder,” June 29). “While the Court’s ruling needn’t stand in the way of organizational DEI practices, it will have an impact for private businesses. Companies are right to be concerned, just not necessarily for the reasons they might think. … Over the next decade, traditional talent pipelines will become less diverse because of this ruling. Companies that want to build competitive, strong workforces are going to have to work harder to build the workforce they need to stay competitive: hiring from non-traditional backgrounds, building strong cultures that make them an employer of choice for underrepresented groups, and focusing on retaining and growing those employees.