Peter Chen Presses NJ Lawmakers to Close Family Leave Loophole

Peter Chen (’14), Senior Policy Analyst at New Jersey Policy Perspective, published an article featured on NJPP’S website spotlighting New Jersey’s different eligibility criteria for paid family leave benefits and job protection for family leave, creating a loophole in the state’s paid family leave laws rendering workers unprotected from termination (“More Than One in Five New Jersey Workers Can Still Be Fired for Taking Paid Family Leave,” June 15). “The promise of paid leave is empty if not accompanied by strong job protection for the person taking leave. . . . The solution is simple: Add job protection to the paid family leave program, so everyone who needs to take paid leave can take it without fear of being fired. All workers deserve the opportunity to bond with their children or care for their disabled, sick, or aging loved ones without fear of termination, demotion, or retaliation.”