Noah Zatz Contributes to Symposium on Carceral Labor

Noah Zatz (’01), Professor of Law at UCLA School of Law, contributed an article to the Law and Political Economy Project’s LPE Blog examining how organized labor may be engaged in ending mass incarceration (“From Work in Prison to Carcerality at Work,” June 1). “One important question . . . is whether pushback against the use of carceral power specifically to discipline labor can flow into challenging carceral power more generally. But as with immigration enforcement, the porousness of these boundaries—as people move over time between carceral labor inside and outside the prison, and as all aspects of carceral power shape carceral labor to some extent—suggests at least the possibility of building progressively more robust and far-reaching solidarities. One way to do so may be to emphasize that not only work but carcerality itself occurs on both sides of prison walls.”