Jyoti Nanda Condemns Broken Carceral Approach to Housing Instability

Jyoti Nanda (’01), Professor of Law at Golden Gate University School of Law, coauthored an article for Truthout examining our broken response to care for the housing insecure, spotlighting overpolicing of Black youth failed by the foster care and juvenile legal systems, and calling for investment in community-based supports (“The US Failed Jordan Neely and Banko Brown Long Before They Were Murdered,” May 17). “When Black trans and Black disabled youth experience housing instability, they deserve systems that react to them with compassion. Jordan Neely and Banko Brown deserved better. But we failed them. The carceral systems we have invested in failed them. We are partly to blame for their deaths. We can still do better for Black youth now by providing them with the resources and care they need to survive and thrive.”