Cathy Krebs Promotes the Power of Rest

Cathy Krebs (’96), Director of the ABA Children’s Rights Litigation Committee, published an article for the American Bar Association reflecting on the work of Dr. Alex Pang and Trisha Hersey’s The Nap Ministry, calling us to consider the role of rest in our lives and those of our clients (“Rest Is Radical: Self-Care for Lawyers,” May 2). “If all you take away from this article is that rest is something worth thinking about, both for ourselves and for our clients, then that is a good step forward. Even better is if you are able to rest without guilt at some point in the next week. I challenge you to close your eyes for five minutes or read just for fun or stroll around your neighborhood—whatever you find restful. Rest not because you earned it through hard work or because you need it for the week ahead, but as ‘The Nap Bishop’ Trisha Hersey says, because it is your human right to do so.”