Liliana Zaragoza Leads New Racial Justice Law Clinic at the University of Minnesota Law School

Liliana Zaragoza (’13), Assistant Professor of Clinical Law at the University of Minnesota Law School, was profiled in the Minnesota Daily regarding building the Racial Justice Law Clinic, partnering with Twin Cities community members, organizations and movement leaders to promote racial equity, with this semester’s casework focusing on employment discrimination, workers’ rights and public safety (“UMN Racial Justice Law Clinic Aims to Combat Racial Injustice,” Oct. 13). “When the University of Minnesota Law School posted for an open clinical position, I saw an opportunity to propose a racial justice law clinic. It also seems like something that is incredibly important at this particular time, and in this particular place. . . . If community organizations and other folks doing movement work trust us as the place where they can expect non-exploitative, supportive, ethical and thoughtful lawyers, that would be a win in my book.”