Jyoti Nanda: End Youth Incarceration

Jyoti Nanda (’01), Professor of Law at Golden Gate University School of Law, coauthored an article for TIME examining how the juvenile justice system exacerbates violence experienced by children, spotlighting the deaths of young people in carceral facilities and outlining restorative alternatives to detention (“Youth Incarceration Harms America’s Children. It’s Time to End It,” Oct. 13). “It’s not bad apples or agencies, understaffing, or solely the position in which Gynnya McMillen, Cornelius Frederick, and C.J. Lofton were restrained that is to blame for their deaths. It is a carceral system that is committed to treating youth like criminals instead of recognizing that youth in crisis need care and resources. . . . We need to abolish the youth carceral system, and all carceral systems, because they do more harm than good, are extremely costly, and do not keep us safe. Instead, we need to move the resources that we currently commit to carceral facilities–money, time, and people–into systems that focus on care and support for youth in need of help.”