Susannah Baruch Calls on Biden Administration to End Fake Abortion Clinics

Susannah Baruch (’95), Consultant, Women’s and Reproductive Health and Genetics Policy, authored an opinion for STAT calling out the threat posed by thousands of fake abortion clinics, or crisis pregnancy centers (CPCs), to ensuring abortion access in the post-Dobbs era (“The Biden-Harris Administration Needs to End Fake Abortion Clinics,” Aug. 22). “Every federal effort to blunt the damage done by the Dobbs decision should explicitly warn people about crisis pregnancy centers. . . . Federal powers should be deployed to prevent crisis pregnancy centers from impersonating medical providers, deceiving consumers, and using personal information for surveillance, harassment, and prosecution. . . . The Biden-Harris administration should act to help Americans recognize and avoid fake abortion clinics, to close the legal loopholes that protect them from scrutiny and accountability, and to ensure that government funds support needed services, not deceptive practices.”