Kara Ingelhart Secures Fee Award in Lawsuits Ending Restrictions on Military Service for People Living with HIV

Kara Ingelhart (’15), Senior Attorney at Lambda Legal, was quoted in a Lambda Legal Blog announcing the Government will pay $1,325,000 to settle certain Equal Access to Justice Act (EAJA) claims for attorneys’ fees following her recent win on behalf of military service members living with HIV (“Lambda Legal Announces Government to Pay $1.325M to Settle Legal Fees in Cases on Behalf of HIV-Positive Service Members,” Sep. 20). “We are pleased that service members living with HIV, once affected by an outdated, discriminatory policy, no longer face discharge, bans on commissioning, or bans on deployment simply because they are living with HIV. However, long and expensive litigation like the Harrison and Roe cases shouldn’t be necessary to prove that a positive HIV status alone has no impact on a service member’s ability to serve.”