Suzanne Nossel Calls Us to Defend the Freedom to Write

Suzanne Nossel (’97), CEO of PEN America, authored an opinion for The Guardian issuing a call to defend writing and speaking following the attack on Salman Rushdie in the wake of intensifying threats to free expression worldwide (“Salman Rushdie’s Entire Life Has Been an Act of Defiance,” Aug. 13). “The attack on Rushdie is a wake-up call for all of us who have a stake in free expression, which is all of us, period. . . . Writing freely is an act of supreme bravery. . . . Free expression is not something we can take for granted, and must be at the heart of our battle to defend democracy against its enemies. Salman Rushdie has devoted his life to the freedom to write, exercising it, fighting for it, and using his fame and influence as a bulwark for all those who do the same. The attack on Rushdie is an attack on all who treasure the right to think, write and speak freely. We owe it to him to recognize it as such.”