Elizabeth Gyori Sounds Alarm on NYCHA’s Discriminatory Transfer Policy

Elizabeth Gyori (’20), current Fellow and Staff Attorney at Legal Services NYC, Tenants Rights Coalition, contributed an opinion to the New York Daily News discussing the discriminatory transfer policy impacting people with disabilities, survivors of domestic violence, and other residents of NYCHA’s privately managed Rental Assistance Demonstration (RAD) buildings (“How Private Management of Public Housing Hurts People with Disabilities,” July 30). “[W]e see NYCHA tenants enjoying far more flexibility and availability when it comes to getting the transfers they need than RAD tenants. Although to be clear, the transfer process is also a nightmare for NYCHA tenants who must often wait years to get a transfer to a safe and accessible apartment. The impact of NYCHA’s discriminatory RAD transfer policy is devastating, endangering tenants’ lives and taking away their safety and dignity. . . . Making the RAD program more accessible for people with disabilities and others is not only a legal obligation, but a moral one that ensures NYC is truly a diverse, vibrant and inclusive city for everyone.”