Dillon Reisman Calls for Oversight of State Automated Assessments in New Jersey

Dillon Reisman (’21), current Fellow at the ACLU of New Jersey, was quoted by the New Jersey Monitor, discussing the ACLU’s Automated Injustice Project, an initiative he created investigating how the state uses artificial intelligence in consequential decision-making, including determining health care eligibility and pretrial detention (“Civil Rights Advocates Demand Oversight of Automated Decision-Making Systems,” Aug. 2). “When you flatten the evaluation of a person’s circumstances to a questionnaire or a quantitative assessment, you’re forcing people to only fit one model of, say, what a perfect domestic violence survivor is, or what a person who needs 24 hours of nursing care is, when everyone’s situations are very individualized and unique, and more open-ended, thoughtful assessments might better capture it. . . . It’s time that we started actually investigating how these systems work and pushing back against them where they go wrong.”