David Singleton Calls for End of Extreme Sentences

David Singleton (’91), Executive Director of the Ohio Justice and Policy Center and Professor of Law at the Salmon P. Chase College of Law at Northern Kentucky University, penned an opinion for The Washington Post pointing to extreme sentences as the drivers of mass incarceration and calling for state and federal authorities to eliminate excessive punishment and enact laws that allow judges to revisit sentences based on the incarcerated person’s demonstrated rehabilitation and fitness to live in society (“The Arbery Case Is Heinous, but His Killers’ Sentences Are Extreme,” Aug. 11). “[T]he economic costs of mass incarceration are not the only costs. To paraphrase Bryan Stevenson and Sister Helen Prejean, people should not be defined forever by the worst things they’ve done. But a life sentence, especially life without parole, does just that. When we keep people incarcerated who have transformed themselves behind bars, are no longer dangerous, and have the potential to be productive citizens, we all lose.”