Joy Ziegeweid Outlines Necessary, Immediate U.S. Immigration Reforms

Joy Ziegeweid (’12), Supervising Immigration Attorney at Urban Justice Center, Domestic Violence Project, and Co-Founder of the Legal Immigration Network for Ukraine, authored an opinion for Bloomberg proposing expedited immigration reforms to support Ukrainian, Afghan and migrant asylum seekers (“Americans Welcome Ukrainians, But America Doesn’t,” May 25). “The U.S. must urgently reform its immigration system, so that quickly and efficiently providing refuge and work authorization to the most vulnerable migrants becomes the norm, not something special. . . . It’s frustrating that it has taken the plight of white-skinned Ukrainians to draw attention to the deficiencies of the US immigration system, but if the result can be more humane treatment for all people fleeing violence and repression, so be it. Urgent action to accept more Ukrainians in the US not only makes moral and economic sense — it’s a geopolitical imperative.”