Kelsey White Examines Intersectional Disparities and Calls for More Equitable Education Systems

Kelsey White (’20), current Fellow with the Alliance for Children's Rights, coauthored a study published in PLI Chronicle examining the disproportionate representation of children of color in the child welfare, special education, and school discipline systems (“The Intersection of Race, Foster Care Status, and Children with Disabilities: Creating More Equitable Education Systems – Part II,” March 2022). “[V]ast disparities in outcomes persist among youth by race, foster care status, and disability. . . . Addressing such disparities requires acknowledging these realities and deploying a multi-faceted approach that encompasses policy work at the federal, state, district, and school levels, as well as individual, client-level advocacy. . . . [A] few starting points include: striving to improve data collection by race, foster care status, and disability to increase accountability; working to shift education funding away from a model based on property taxes; removing police from school campuses and implementing restorative justice practices in schools; providing educators with the tools they need to teach this important history. . .  [I]t is important to always evaluate education inequity in the context of history to craft interventions and, ultimately, create more equitable education systems.”