Cathy Krebs Shares Practical Strategies for Addressing Burnout

Cathy Krebs (’96), Director of the ABA Children’s Rights Litigation Committee, published an article for the American Bar Association discussing collective challenges facing children’s lawyers and providing resources for addressing chronic workplace stress (“Practical Tips for Addressing Burnout,” Apr. 1). “Burnout: It is the number one thing that people want to talk about as I talk to lawyers around the country. . . . Children’s lawyers have always faced burnout because of our work with clients who have experienced trauma and perhaps even more so because of our work within systems that consistently dehumanize and re-traumatize our clients. In addition, we can fall victim to an overabundance of purpose—what we do is really important—and that can drive us toward self-sacrifice. . . . Mostly what I want you to know is that there are concrete ways you can address it.”